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We're building a new trading platform to increase liquidity for rights holders and enable individual investors to participate in the explosive growth of streaming music.

Music Futures Exchange

In partnership with Deloitte, Trustream is creating the first Music Futures Exchange (MFE), along with entirely new investment products, to better capitalize the data-driven transformation of the music industry, enable unprecedented new commoditization of its assets, and meet rapidly growing investor demand.

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For experienced investors

Translate your passion for music into trading in a new industry, with a diverse portfolio of liquid products with proven revenue history and real settlement transparency.

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The biggest hits

Trade contemporary hit music investment products, including futures and options. MFE will feature listings of the songs currently on the Billboard Top 100.

Built for speed

Trustream is the exclusive trading platform for Music Futures Exchange. It’s built for speed and ease of use, and will be available on Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android.

Insights at hand

From high-level music market trends to detailed analysis of the songs and contracts that matter to you, you'll have the tools you need to thrive.

Why now?

There is currently no futures market for music-related assets. The market data that does exist is unreliable and proprietary. This stunts growth at a time when the music business needs new revenue streams more than ever. Major labels face disintermediation as DSPs develop artists and content on their own while continuing to own the most valuable market data. The music business cannot combat these challenges without a means to fully commoditize their content in a way that delivers high returns and significant, new free cash flow.

Streaming music, the underlying market, generates $19B in annual revenue and is on track to reach $41B by 2030, according to Goldman Sachs. If a small fraction trades actively as futures, it will produce add-on effects for all related markets. If only 20% of streaming revenue contracts trade as futures, it offers the potential to double the underlying market. MFE will create the first market for these contracts with music industry partners.


Trustream's founding team brings decades of experience in senior leadership and operational roles in strategy, finance, and technology with organizations including Goldman Sachs, Deloitte, Microsoft, Accenture, and Booz Allen Hamilton, production and songwriting credits with multiplatinum artists like Ariana Grande, Kesha, and One Direction, and experience building global, high-throughput distributed systems and cybersecurity for clients ranging from three-letter US intelligence agencies to multi-billion dollar energy and financial services companies.

Craig Astrich

Craig Astrich

Dinkar Bhatia

Dinkar Bhatia
Finance + Markets

John Spencer

John Spencer
Technology + Product

Matt Squire

Matt Squire
Music Industry Relations

Shawn Yeager

Shawn Yeager
Business Development

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Music Futures Exchange is launching in early 2020. Sign up to follow our progress and to gain access to our paper trade beta, coming later this year.

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